Succesfull leadership of effective and powerfull teams is going to need much more than just public speaking skills alone. We need to learn how to bring out MORE creativity, generate cooperation, team climate and sense of responsibility through LESS distractions, stress and waisting time.
Come to Opole in November!
Join the trip to become a master of team building though building your own mastery.



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    “BUILDING MASTERY” is the Division D District 108 Toastmasters Autumn Conference


    • extremely practical conference
    • wonderful climate
    • interesting lecturers and trainers from Toastmasters
      and from beyond the organisation
    • time to meet Toastmasters from all over Poland
    • trainings and speeches in two languages
      division level of Polish (pl) and central Europe (eng)
    • championships in public speaking
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    Student Culture Centre
    Opole University

    Katowicka 95
    45-061 Opole

    Friday afterparty:

    Klub Kubatura

    Saturday Gala Diner:

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    22-24 November 2019

    Friday: 17:00 – 21:00
    Saturday: 10:00 – 21:00
    Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

    A detailed agenda will be available soon. 🙂


2019/11/22 18:00:00


We will keep you updated about the next speakers.

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    Rafał Mirkowski

    A graduate of mathematics and MBA studies, a manager with 20 years of practice at all levels of corporate career, combining the passion of mathematical business modeling with the practical experience as a consultant and analyst of economic processes in business.
    He helped significantly improve the daily management of many medium and large companies, including Neonet, Ceramika Paradyż and Strabag.
    His specialties are: streamlining processes, increasing sales, reducing costs, designing tools for monitoring employees and customers activity and incentive compensation systems.
    The entrepreneur and inventor of Multiplaner® – a unique calendar and the most interesting Polish time menagement tool for people implementing many projects, appreciated by Steven Covey.

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    Tomasz Witkowski

    An outstanding business trainer, psychologist, writer and scientist. He founded one of the first schools of business trainers in our country – MODERATOR in Wroclaw.
    He was a lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wrocław and the School of Social Psychology in Wrocław. He also conducted researches at the universities of Bielefeld and Hildesheim. He is the author of many scientific and popular science publications, his articles have appeared, among others, in British Journal of Social Psychology, Polish Psychological Bulletin, Journal of Social Psychology, as well as in magazines such as Polityka, Rzeczpospolita and Newsweek.
    Tomasz Witkowski is one of the best known psychological skeptics in Poland.

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    Michał Kosel

    Comes from Opole, entrepreneur, journalist, founder of the Foundation. For 10 years, he has proved that we can create something on our own only based on passion, interests and predispositions, and live a dignified life. He is a lecturer at undergraduate and MBA studies, at the ASBIRO business university in Warsaw, LEM lecturer at the Mises Institute and an advisor at the University of Opole in the form of an expert from the private sector. He broke bankruptcy twice, built 2 dance and sports facilities without having a zloty in his account.
    He currently runs his clubs. His companies and organizations run almost 20 sports and educational projects throughout Poland.

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    Heikki Siltanen

    He has a Masters degree from the Helsinki School of Economics and has worked as a statistics teacher, entrepreneur and now over ten years in Financial and Business Controller’s roles. He specializes in financial planning and – management and business support. His mission is to make financial information useful to business in practical and strategic sense.

    Heikki is also a long time member in Toastmasters. He originally joined in order to improve his presentation skills, but stayed because of the amazing people he met in the organization. He is currently serving as the District 108 Administration Manager and also likes to get involved in his Clubs as the VPE of the Virtual Speakers and Treasurer of the Northern Stars in Helsinki. Heikki describes himself as a Finance Professional, Struggling Martial Artist and Compulsive House Renovator.

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    M Zain Ul Abidin

    Zain has been Toastmasters for over 3 years during which he has served as Sergeant At Arms, VP-Education and President of WrocLove Speakers as well as Area Director for Area D2 in District 108 comprising 10 clubs in Poland. During his term he helped charter 4 new clubs, helped 7 out of 10 to reach Distinguished status and was declared the Area Director of the Year. He has taken part in all contests, reaching Division level 3 times and District Finals 1 time in Humorous Speech Contest in Brno, November 2017.
    He is also a trailblazer in Pathways with the first person in Europe to complete 4 paths. He has been awarded Outstanding Member award, numerous Triple Crown awards and has earned 2 DTMs (one legacy and one pathways) during his time in the organization.

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    Jacek Branas

    Consultant, trainer and coach. TOC Expert – Theory of Constraints (in manufacturing and service enterprises as well as in project management). He helps companies to find key problems and solve them, by analyzing their existing reality. By finding limitations (internal and external) in the activities of companies he helps to remove or minimize them, creates management solutions production, distribution, sales, projects and helps in implementing changes.



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